An Accelerated EHR Selection

Maimonides Medical Center - Brooklyn, NY
EHR Selection, 7-Year Cost/Benefit Analysis
Our Role
Project Management, Financial Analysis SMEs

Maimonides Medical Center in New York City is at a crossroads in terms of its core clinical systems. Allscripts has been the inpatient clinical information system for more than a decade and Cerner Eagle is the legacy patient accounting system. As of  2024 Eagle will no longer be supported by the vendor and a new hospital billing system will be required. NextGen supports the ambulatory clinical patient record and physician billing. MMC desires to replace its core information systems for one that is integrated across the continuum of care.

MMC sought out the services of an experienced and objective consulting firm to work with its leadership team to facilitate a vendor selection process for an integrated acute care and ambulatory EHR solution to support its hospitals and physician practices.

the solution

Utilizing our rapid selection methodology, HealthTech Advisors was selected to assist with:

  • Developing the RFP for issuance to qualified EHR vendors
  • Planning and conduct EHR vendor demonstration sessions of 2-days each
  • Validating the vendor proposals and quotes, and comparing to recent similar analyses
  • Utilizing our proven Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model to develop a cost/benefit analysis over a 7-year period

the results

As a result of our assistance and in less than three months Maimonides Medical Center was able to :

  • Understand Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for implementation of a new EHR system
  • Expose over 200 clinical and revenue cycle leadership to the capabilities of the qualified EHR vendors
  • Narrow the field of EHR systems for future selection of a vendor of choice
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