Aging data center replaced with remote data center

Akron General Hospital had a data center on premises that was aging, experienced unplanned outages and space constrained for future growth.

In addition to managing the existing data center, their clinical and business systems were aging and required replacements in the coming years.

the challenge

Akron General Hospital was facing substantial risks with an outdated data center and there was no space to expand nearby or on campus. Most of the legacy clinical and revenue cycle systems could be supported at a remote vendor data center, however the operational expense was prohibitive.

the solution

The managing principal of HealthTech Advisors, previously with another firm, was engaged for systems planning. The major activities included:

  • Identifying options and stratifying based on operational support needs, risk and cost.
  • Locating a new hosting data center in Akron and validating their capabilities, redundancy and security mechanisms
  • Developing a plan for a phased transition of the most critical of information systems to the new hosting site
  • Planning a Wide Area Network (WAN) for connectivity between the hospital and new data center
  • Drafting cost models for capital and operating expenses over a 7-year period
  • Leading the contract negotiation representing the hospital

the results

Akron General Hospital was able to receive the following:

  • A finalized and negotiated contract with reduction in price of 27% throughout a five year service agreement
  • A well-developed plan for transition of application systems to the new data center
  • Significant reduction of risk by moving applications from the legacy on-campus data center to the new hosting center in town
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