Merging three hospitals into a new healthcare organization

One Brooklyn Health System - Brooklyn, NY
2017 - Present
IT Strategic Planning, EHR Selection, IT Governance, PMO Implementation, EHR Implementation Planning
Our Role
Program Director, Technology Architects, Clinical SMEs, Revenue Cycle Leadership

One Brooklyn Health System (OBHS) was established to merge Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, Interfaith Medical Center and Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center to a single healthcare organization.  The transformation of the three hospitals into OBHS is being funded by grants from the New York State Department of Health.

The goal is to integrate clinical care across the three hospitals, transform operations for operational cost reduction and better serve the 1.5 million residents in the community.

HealthTech Advisors worked closely with us to develop the strategy and planning for the merger of three hospitals into one healthcare system. They don’t only make recommendations, they have the expertise to manage complex change and implement new systems and processes. If you have the opportunity to work with HealthTech Advisors, take it.

– Eli Tarlow, VP & CIO, Brookdale University Hospital & Medical Center

the challenge

The challenges confronting the provider community of central and northeastern Brooklyn have been well documented. The financial condition of the most troubled institutions is to a large extent a product of an inefficient expense structure; revenue challenges associated with declining inpatient admissions and a patient mix that approaches 90 percent public payers and charity care; significant liabilities; and an aging or even obsolete physical plant that undermines attempts to provide safe, quality care. Simply stated, these hospitals have undergone a decade of financial and organizational trauma.

the solution

To support the NY State grant application process, HealthTech Advisors was selected to assist with:

  • Developing an IT strategy that will address the needs of the three hospitals and fit within the grant budget
  • Creating models for IT capital investments over three years
  • Managing a project to select an EHR and other clinical and business systems for application standardization
  • Supporting strategy and planning for grant funding approval
  • Managing EHR pre-implementation planning and vendor negotiation
  • Implementing a project management office and establishing IT governance

the results

As a result of our assistance, One Brooklyn Health System has been able to :

  • Develop an IT Strategic Plan for the new organization
  • Understand Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for implementation of a new EHR system
  • Gain approval from NY State for the funding of the IT projects
  • Develop the majority of standards for clinical and business applications
  • Establish a PMO with a recommended IT Governance structure
  • Complete an EHR selection process with a vendor of choice identified
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